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Happy Holidays from Team Chemistry – greeting card service

GHG – Grey Healthcare

MVC AS3 Framework
WCF back-end, XML static data content
Role: front-end – AS3/AJAX Development

Users are invited to create a snowflake with thew drawing tool, attach a message, and send to a friend/colleague. The recipient receives and email bringing them to the site, where their unique snowflake and message are displayed. Snowflakes are public and users can rollover to see other messages that have been sent.

I think the most interesting aspect of this was how we went about storing the snowflake data; Initially I created a test that saved out a PNG bitmap of the snowflake to be downlaodded later. The back-end folks didn’t like the number of potential database calls & http requests (rolls eyes) so what I ended up doing was defining each snowflake as a XML list of shapes with scale, rotation, x-loc & y-loc attributes. This got passed to the REST service via flash and stored in the DB. When retrieving the user’s snowflake later, flash was setup to parse the XML and recreate the snowflake with library vector shapes

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Symbion – Holiday card

Symbion Power
Animated Holiday Greeting Card
Role: concept dev, character animation, scripting for motion & interactivity, XML/CSS, Flash CS3, Illustrator.

I think the most interesting aspect of this one was shooting myself climbing up a ladder in order to get a rotoscoping reference.

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