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animated web banner in html5

[No client]

OH, Advertising. What can I say, banners are still bread and butter at a lot of places, though even now (years after I wrote this banner) it seems we haven’t really gotten away from Flash as the primary IDE. No jQuery here (which makes the total load less than 20K), just intervals with calculated easing, and an event class to handle execution upon the doc becoming ready. Background is Canvas, copy is divs, cta is a png. This is where I found out you can’t layer multiple canvas divs on top of each other and expect what you are undoubtedly expecting.

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23. June 2014 by admin
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bouncing ball in canvas

non-flash banner testing (no client)

Frames created with an illustrator blend, exported to SVG, then converted to canvas. professorcloud.com has a really awesome little utility for converting SVG’s to canvas. Doesn’t handle gradients all that well, as you can tell by the shadow. Output changes with mouseover or mousedown on the ball (if you can catch it;).

23. June 2014 by admin
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