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Adult Trike Kiddie Cab

And now for something completely different…

Adult tricycle white with wooden kid bench

The idea for this emerged from the repeated dilemma of needing to transport two kids, which the trail-a-bike simply can’t accommodate. I started looking at cargo bikes, or “bakfietsen” which I had seen all over Amsterdam, but found the cost prohibitive. Trikes on the other hand, were roughly the same price as two-wheelers. I found what I was after on Craig’s list, gave the bike some TLC, built a custom bench out of some pine support slats I rescued from a bed being thrown out, et voilà:

What I started with: Adult Tricycle with Electric Motor Yellow

Old motor components removed: Adult Tricycle Yellow

Primed and painted: Adult Tricycle White

Designing the bench: Tricycle kid bench sketch Tricycle kid bench sketch Tricycle kid bench sketch Tricycle kid bench sketch Tricycle kid bench sketch

Building the bench: Adult tricycle wooden kid bench
I’ve been toying with the idea of motorizing it (even the most fit of us can only go so far carrying so much weight), hence the locking storage under the seat.
Adult tricycle wooden kid bench Adult tricycle wooden kid bench
<3 airline seat buckles. Why aren't these used in cars?

Final: Adult tricycle white with wooden kid bench

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Classroom Cubbies


It was only a passing request from my daughter’s first grade teacher – whether I had any ideas for improving the book storage above the coat cubbies, which was admittedly an eyesore. Upon some examination of the alcove, I told him he should rethink the entire situation, and via my own pushy compulsion, somehow volunteered to rectify the situation. What I peeled away during demolition was an unused legacy cubby system of hooks mounted on a long shelf, which sat unused behind the existing milk crates housing the kids’ stuff. The milk crates rested on top of a couple of unused shelves fashioned out of the doors that once rendered the alcove a large closet. Above all of this nonsense was a shelf, also made of the doors, housing a few hundred pounds of hidden books (yes, above where the kids retrieved their coats), covered with a few pieces of 1/2″ plywood, held vertically in place by small bolted slats that he would turn to remove the wood in order to get access.

Some remnants of what I ripped out: milk crate cubbies alcove with shelf

What I started with – 7 chipboard bookcases being sold by a downsizing lawfirm. I like reclaimed materials, not just for the ecological aspect, but because I hate staining and varnishing: bookcases

Sketches: bookcase cubby sketch bookcase cubby sketch

Phases: rolling bookcase shelves with hooks partially done bookcase cubbies

Final: transforming bookcase cubby system front transforming bookcase cubby system back

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Corner Cabinet


Body & shelves made from 1/2 plywood to save on cost and weight. Edges concealed with iron-on veneer. Doors and facing made of solid pine. Chinese cabinet hardware purchased ebay.

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Floating Bathroom Bench


Angled pieces cut from 2×12’s, which required the creation of paper templates pieced together in the space to get the shapes right. Hidden reinforcement with reclaimed “fasttrack” shelving hardware.

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Vestibule Cubbies


I used slot joints to create this one, but in retrospect, I think dado joints would have been a better choice. Slot joints are great for flexible materials, or in a perfect world where all the pine you get from the lumberyard is flawlessly straight and uniform, but well, yeah.

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Wallmount coatrack


Copied this one out of a Pottery Barn catalogue.

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