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Happy Holidays from Team Chemistry – greeting card service

GHG – Grey Healthcare

MVC AS3 Framework
WCF back-end, XML static data content
Role: front-end – AS3/AJAX Development

Users are invited to create a snowflake with thew drawing tool, attach a message, and send to a friend/colleague. The recipient receives and email bringing them to the site, where their unique snowflake and message are displayed. Snowflakes are public and users can rollover to see other messages that have been sent.

I think the most interesting aspect of this was how we went about storing the snowflake data; Initially I created a test that saved out a PNG bitmap of the snowflake to be downlaodded later. The back-end folks didn’t like the number of potential database calls & http requests (rolls eyes) so what I ended up doing was defining each snowflake as a XML list of shapes with scale, rotation, x-loc & y-loc attributes. This got passed to the REST service via flash and stored in the DB. When retrieving the user’s snowflake later, flash was setup to parse the XML and recreate the snowflake with library vector shapes

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Chevron ECOnomics Touchscreen

Touchscreen Kiosk application for ECO:nomics conference, Santa Barbara, CA
Continuity Worldwide

This was a touchscreen kiosk developed for Chevron using Helios’ projector & touchscreen system. 4 projectors each projecting a swf, I was responsible for the content – 3 different content-type loaders which react & load appropriate swfs/flvs/imgs based on what they find in their associated xml. Another dev did the larger projected background swf & the scrolling drag-n-drop ‘shell’ into which content loads. Video is probably going to be slow here – was compressed for local loading.

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Martha Stewart – Products microsite

Continuity Worldwide
Flash microsite

AS3, pureMVC framework, url routing with swfAddress, Omniture for tracking. Team of 3 developers

The most interesting aspect of this one was the initial animation populating the product pages, using Flash’s drawing API. Simply using trig equation easing on the tweening of the points that made up the corners of each white-outlined square resulted in a very elegant but simply achieved 3D effect.

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Sprite – Spark Movie Director

Facebook Application

AS3 development, team of 4 devs
MVC Framework
XML Driven except for dynamic content using FB API

Facebook users can select characters, settings and plots to create their own animated short films (which in actuality meant selecting one of a few hundred pre-rendered permutations, alas). Users can manage & share films, create playlists, watch the films of others, view behind the project scenes. The sister app was a mixer that allowed users to create their own music from a selection of samples.

Something I recall as rather neat about this one was having to come up with smart textfields that would stretch/grow/re-center/truncate/append to handle user-input of unknown length in various languages.

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