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Wordpress framework, custom theme. HTML/CS/JS/PHP/MySQL

To get the main menu to break into user-determined rows, added a DB field for ‘line_break_after’ to the wp posts table, and altered the ‘My Page Order’ plugin to allow user to insert linebreaks where desired. Also a few Walker methods to the WP framework to grab this field and put in the appropriate linebreaks.

Custom JS Effect for the NextGen gallery to populate the scrollable thumbnail menu and incorporate deeplinking using swfAddress.

Social was also interesting. Buttons for FB, Twitter & Google+ pulled in w/JS. Discovered that JS content and FB Like do NOT play nice, mostly due to FB Like API ignoring JS and scraping the page for metatags when posting. So instead of telling FB to just share the page url, had to stitch together a url from the swfaddress deeplink such that it got passed in as a GET variable and the header.php could react appriopriately to return the appropriate metatags. It’s a shame that one should have to choose between smoothly swapping content around clientside and the keeping sharing simple & effective.

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