Marbleized concrete countertop

I adore concrete and it’s versatility.

Getting the marbled effect

Building the form out of melamine

The smear: Aim for lots of little streaks and chunks. Because white portland cement and white sand are significantly more expensive than the stuff you buy at home depot in 80-lb bags for a few bucks, I had a decorative layer with white and grays, then poured gray over it in a few layers. Once the first layer of gray was poured over the white streaky bits, I stuck my fingers in to blend the colors a bit here and there. You don’t want to blend too much – stone tends to have well-defined streaks created by layers of sediment built up over years.

Here’s where I encountered a sticky problem — make sure you have your mold raised up, so you can access all sides with a vibrating device (I like to use a power drill with a mixer bit, or hammers). Because I had it on the floor, I had limited access to the sides of the form, which meant more air bubble patching when it came out.

Fresh out of the mold

Patching, sanding, sealing

Plopped into place after wall repairs, painting and new cabinet install:


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