note to prospective models

Given the city’s transient nature, I am always looking to broaden my roster of models. I can’t guarantee I’ll have a spot for you immediately, but sending me your info places you in my modeling pool, and I’ll contact you if/when a composition calls for someone like you.

– The ability to show up on time. I cannot stress this enough. In fact, with me, as well as throughout the modeling industry, your reliability is probably MORE important than your looks.

– Athletic body-types; i.e., Generally speaking, you should probably hit the gym at least a couple time a week if you want to work for me, or just be magically thin and muscular. The camera adds 5 kilos, and there are political reasons I try to promote an athletic physique in my work.

I pay $15/hr, shoots and painting sessions usually last 2-3 hours and I prefer to schedule on weekdays during the daylight hours. The work tends to be sporadic – it might be a 1 time event, a few sessions in a row, or intermittently on an ongoing basis.

I might pose you with 1 or more other models, or work with you by yourself. I usually have at least one assistant helping me throughout the session. I find that 10-15 minutes is typically the maximum anyone can hold a pose before something starts cramping up or falling asleep, so breaks are frequent, though brief.

As far as content is concerned, it might vary from being the face of a religious figure in a painting, participating in a lesbian bondage scene, or stripping off and getting covered in paint before being printed on a life-size canvas. While I may ask for the moon, I respect the right of all models to say no to anything they are not comfortable with. Most of the time I know exactly what I need before I contact anyone, so you’ll know what you’re getting into beforehand.

When it comes to photography, I usually involve the model in the selection process, and will only publish that which has been approved by everyone in the shot. Anyway I consider it a failure on my part if you aren’t eager to cheekily show your friends and family what you’ve participated in, regardless of thematic content.

If you think you’ve got it, send the following information to

-Body type
-Hair color
-Eye color
-Skin tone
-Modeling experience, if any

-What level of nudity you are comfortable with; everyone’s different, and I have as much need for people dressed up in costume as for unclothed.

-1-2 Photos – you don’t need a modeling portfolio or experience, but ideally I like to have one headshot and one bodyshot. It saves me biking all over the city having coffee with potential candidates.

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