Roofdeck refinish



The fun part here was coming up with a nimble enclosure to satisfy the OSHA requirement that any exterior work which generates dust be encapsulated from one’s hapless neighbors.

The wall around the entire deck made things easier, while the irregular shape of the deck and surrounding plant-life, which needed protection from the dust and chemicals but exposure to sunlight and rain, made things trickier.

I came up with some wooden clamps that could grab onto the surrounding wall, to which ropes could be affixed.

I haven’t been to Burning Man for years, so I’m grateful for occasions when it decides to visit me at work.

Testing 1, 2, 3… I believe in reading instructions, but I also believe in going completely against manufacturer recommendations if testing reveals a scenario they did not anticipate. The damage to the cedar required an awful lot of bleaching and layering of deck stains before things looked right.



Many boards also required repairs.

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