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Built-in shelving with LED strip lighting

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11. September 2022 by admin
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Bathroom sink and vanity with laundry

How do you fit a washer-dryer into a tiny Manhattan bathroom? Once piece at a time.

I poured a custom concrete trough sink with the drain in the back corner so as to open up the room for the washer-dryer to fit underneath. Which then necessitated a custom cabinet to match underneath.

Removing the plywood mold. Concrete mix was white Portland cement with white sand. The trickiest part was cutting things on the angle so the sink would drain properly, and then getting all those subtle angles to line up smoothly.

Patching, sanding, sealing.

Now for the cabinet…

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15. December 2021 by admin
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Adult Trike Kiddie Cab

And now for something completely different…

The idea for this emerged from the repeated dilemma of needing to transport two kids, which the trail-a-bike simply can’t accommodate. I started looking at cargo bikes, or “bakfietsen” which I had seen all over Amsterdam, but found the cost prohibitive. Trikes on the other hand, are roughly the same price as two-wheelers. I found what I was after on Craig’s list, gave the bike some TLC, built a custom bench out of some pine support slats I rescued from a bed being thrown out, et voilà:

Adult tricycle white with wooden kid bench

What I started with: Adult Tricycle with Electric Motor Yellow

Designing the bench:
Tricycle kid bench sketch

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15. March 2019 by admin
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Classroom Cubbies


It was only a passing request from my daughter’s first grade teacher – whether I had any ideas for improving the book storage above the coat cubbies, which was admittedly an eyesore. Upon some examination of the alcove, I told him he should rethink the entire situation, and via my own pushy compulsion, somehow volunteered to rectify the situation. What I peeled away during demolition was an unused legacy cubby system of hooks mounted on a long shelf, which sat unused behind the existing milk crates housing the kids’ stuff. The milk crates rested on top of a couple of unused shelves fashioned out of the doors that once rendered the alcove a large closet. Above all of this nonsense was a shelf, also made of the doors, housing a few hundred pounds of hidden books (yes, above where the kids retrieved their coats), covered with a few pieces of 1/2″ plywood, held vertically in place by small bolted slats that he would turn to remove the wood in order to get access.

Some remnants of what I ripped out:

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15. March 2019 by admin
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SPARK Mobile App Contest

Q1 2016 – Q4 2018

Responsibilities: HTML CSS/SASS JS/jQuery PHP/MySQL AWS

Traditional wordpress site, I built a custom theme based off llorix. SPARK for Autism needed an accompanying website for the duration of the contest to handle contest registration, announcements, and community app voting. I worked on this during my time as an internal dev at the Simons Foundation.

Notable tasks: I opted for a kanban approach to development given that feature development needed to occur around events and announcements that comprised the contest. For registration I connected a CF7 form template to a Googlesheet, such that as users registered, their data would be entered into the spreadsheet, which was shared with stakeholders so they would always be up-to-date without me spending time on plebian tasks like pulling reports. Students were asked to register themselves and their teammates by entering their emails and setting a team password. Teammates would receive an invite email, as all participants had to register in order to be eligible for prize money. To set up voting I started with a general star-voting plugin, added some authentication which hit the SPARK api to determine voting status and access privileges, and modified the JS and PHP according to aesthetic/functional specifications.

05. February 2019 by admin
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Spectrum News

Q1 2016 – Q4 2018

Responsibilities: HTML CSS/SASS JS/jQuery PHP/MySQL AWS

Traditional wordpress site, with custom theme built by Madwell. I inherited the task of maintenance, bugfixes, new feature implementation during my time as an internal dev at the Simons Foundation.

Notable tasks: Migrating the site off WP Engine and onto AWS. Getting a team new to Agile to adopt a loosely SCRUM process. Shaving about .1 seconds from the pageload DB query duration with a 30% reduction in DB calls by converting some massive reqs to ajax calls when needed and replacing wp methods with cached vars where applicable.

05. February 2019 by admin
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Simons Foundation

Q1 2016 – Q4 2018

Responsibilities: HTML CSS/SASS JS/jQuery PHP/MySQL AWS

I inherited the task of maintenance, bugfixes, and new feature implementation during my time as an internal dev at the Simons Foundation. The bugs and tech debt that the initial vendor delivered with the project was a painful reminder of why waterfall development should be avoided at all costs.

Notable tasks: Getting a team new to Agile to adopt a SCRUM process running on 2-week sprints. Diving deeper in MySQL procedures to handle migrations of the alien information schema handed off to us. Migrating an Unfuddle ticket project to our Jira account in a jungle of chunked spreadsheets, field-remapping, and consolidation scripts to preserve ticket comment history. Migrating ACF field schema out of the PHP into which it had been distilled to prevent alteration by non-developer WP admins, back into the DB. Running a strategy-mapping workshop with the team to identify strategic solutions to obstacles (I am forever grateful to Rob Purdie from whom I learned this method). Writing a plugin that works with the arxiv.org api to provide a tool for helping content editors to sync arxiv’s publications authored by foundation scientists with our wordpress publications archive. Restructuring hundreds of daisy-chained SASS files into a more sane and manageable schema.

05. February 2019 by admin
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html5 banners, various clients


html/css/js, animation with Greensock libraries.




19. February 2016 by admin
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Brightcove videoplayer accessibility plugin

Q2 2014
Javascript/Actionscript solution to Brightcove player accessibility problems


When I wrote this, Brightcove did have an “Accessible” template – which was not even remotely accessible. Accessible means I should be able to navigate the web page/application with my eyes closed, using only the keyboard, and access the same content in as smooth and efficient an experience as a visually-equipped user.

This solution isn’t perfect – I still received complaints from users about tab-accessibility inconsistency and video control button labels not changing on toggle, which I couldn’t control without access to the video src. Ultimately, we decided to move off of Brightcove as a video solution, but if you’re stuck with it, this will help significantly.

Tabbing into and out of Flash objects embedded on an HTML page is a common problem — if you can’t tab into an embedded application, it doesn’t exist to any user using a screenreader. The solution I stitched together uses a Class from Adobe to setup the tab ordering of clickable elements within the swf, in combination with some javascript by Richard England to handle focus into and out of the swf.

1. Create the swf that will become your custom Brightcove plugin. This is an empty .swf which, upon being added to the stage, will explore the heirarchy of the swf into which is has been imported, find the video controls, will pass those to the SWFFocus class. Below isthe Document class of your .fla.

package {
	import com.adobe.swffocus.SWFFocus;

	import flash.accessibility.AccessibilityProperties;
	import flash.accessibility.Accessibility;
	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import flash.events.Event;
//	import com.richardengland.utils.Tabbing;
	import flash.display.DisplayObjectContainer;
	import flash.display.DisplayObject;
	import flash.utils.getDefinitionByName;
	import flash.utils.getQualifiedClassName;

	public class SWFFocusFix extends Sprite {
		public function SWFFocusFix() {
			if (stage) {
			} else {
				addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);

		private function init(event:Event = null):void {

			var player:Object = parent;
			var counter:Number = 0;

			var buttonContainer:Object;

			while (player.parent) {
				for (var i:uint = 0; i < player.numChildren; i++) {
					var child:DisplayObject = player.getChildAt(i);
					var childClass = getQualifiedClassName(child);

					if (childClass.indexOf("BEMLContainer") != -1) {
						//then this is where we want the tabbing focus to be
						buttonContainer = child;


				player = player.parent;

				if (buttonContainer) {


			if (player) {
				trace("Found player.stage! | " + player.stage);
				if (player.stage) {
					if (hasEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE)) {
						removeEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);
					if (buttonContainer) {
					var tabbing = new Tabbing(DisplayObjectContainer(buttonContainer));
					if (buttonContainer) {
			} else {
				if (stage) {
					trace("Using local stage.");

		private function traceDisplayList(container:DisplayObjectContainer, indentString:String = ""):void {
			var child:DisplayObject;
			for (var i:uint=0; i < container.numChildren; i++) {
				child = container.getChildAt(i);
				if (child.accessibilityProperties) {
					trace(child.accessibilityProperties.name, child.accessibilityProperties.description );
				trace(indentString, child, child.name);

				if (container.getChildAt(i) is DisplayObjectContainer) {
					traceDisplayList(DisplayObjectContainer(child), indentString + "    ");
				var childClass = getQualifiedClassName(child);
				//adjustment for the closedCaptions BG
				//if (child.name == "instance137" && childClass.indexOf("GlowingButton") != -1) {
					if (childClass.indexOf("GlowingButton") != -1){
						if (getQualifiedClassName(child.parent.parent.parent).indexOf("CaptionControls") != -1){
							trace("******* removed child " + child.name);
							child.alpha = 0;


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16. July 2014 by admin
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Auth fail on image stream when generating PDF’s with PHP

The error:
PHP Warning: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

…and you either get blanks where there should be images in your PDF, or you get no PDF at all. I encountered this problem while using wp-post-to-pdf-enhanced and Kalin’s PDF Creation Station for WordPress.

The methods throwing the warning:

The cause:
This appears to happen under 2 conditions: Apache authentication is required on the directory, AND the path to the image file contains directories named with numbers.

The fix:
You need to change just one of these conditions for it to work. Either rename the image directories to NOT begin with numbers, OR remove the apache authentication.

24. February 2017 by admin
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animated web banner in html5

[No client]

OH, Advertising. What can I say, banners are still bread and butter at a lot of places, though even now (years after I wrote this banner) it seems we haven’t really gotten away from Flash as the primary IDE. No jQuery here (which makes the total load less than 20K), just intervals with calculated easing, and an event class to handle execution upon the doc becoming ready. Background is Canvas, copy is divs, cta is a png. This is where I found out you can’t layer multiple canvas divs on top of each other and expect what you are undoubtedly expecting.

Click here to find out more.

23. June 2014 by admin
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THINK Academy – IBM

Think Academy is a desktop and mobile MOOC application written in HTML/CSS/JS, using IBM Connections’ social API and Brightcove video. Monthly topic deployments to the global IBM community make it highly agile project Read more here.

Role: HTML/CSS/JS, PHP/MySQL, Grunt, Brightcove video, Dotsub closed captions, Accessibility standards

23. June 2014 by admin
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I need SPACE: browsing FTP host by directory size



I recently needed to free up some diskspace on my webhost, which sounds simple enough, unless you’re like me and your filesystem looks like a hoarder’s reality show. After unsuccessfully poking around for navigation tools that display directory size and allow sorting by size so I could quickly identify the heaviest culprits, I wrote this utility. See de-fanged demo below.

Feel free to let me know of bugs you find, developed on firefox 17.0.1 and so far tests ok on chrome 24.0.1312.52, safari 6.0, IE 8.

Click on the “+” to expand a directory within this view. Click on the directory name to jump to viewing contents of only that directory. Click on “Size” to sort the list by file size, Click on “Name” to sort by name.

Session login default is user ‘me’ password ‘mypass123’ (See ‘Settings’ line 37 to change… it is highly recommended that you change these), authentication times out after 30 minutes.

1. change settings to a unique username and pass
2. upload i_need_space.php to your host (yup, just one file).
3. navigate to it via browser
4. when finished with your cleanup, delete i_need_space.php from your host, you don’t want someone stumbling on it and wreaking havoc.

27. March 2013 by admin
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bouncing ball in canvas

non-flash banner testing (no client)

Frames created with an illustrator blend, exported to SVG, then converted to canvas. professorcloud.com has a really awesome little utility for converting SVG’s to canvas. Doesn’t handle gradients all that well, as you can tell by the shadow. Output changes with mouseover or mousedown on the ball (if you can catch it;).

23. June 2014 by admin
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