Window replacement

Nothing special, just a random story illustrating why this business is really nuts sometimes.

This window couldn’t be cleaned because something had gone wrong with the seal and the debris was IN-BETWEEN the panes of glass. So I ordered a new window.

The guy I hired to do the replacement ripped out the old window and threw it into the backyard. He spent 4 hours trying to get the new window in before throwing in the towel. The old window was in pieces in the yard, and unusable (How I wish I’d gotten a photo!). I brought it another contractor I knew to see if he could manage it. He said the window I ordered was for new construction and couldn’t be used as a replacement. I asked him if it could be modified to work and he said he didn’t think so, but he had a buddy who had some surplus windows, a few inches too short, but he could go pick one up and try to install. The first guy could do the framing to close up the gap because it was too small for the opening. I said ok.


Even more baffling was that it took about week to get it to this point.

When I finally got into town I took a look at the window I had ordered, got on youtube to see if windows for new construction could be modified into replacement windows. Lo and behold, it’s really not that difficult.

So I cut off the vinyl fin, screwed and caulked it into place, fixed the framing and painted everything. It took me one day, albeit a long one.

Before I did that, just for shits and giggles, I took the corresponding panel off the new window and held it up to the cloudy panel now sitting in the backyard with the rest of the wreckage. It matched perfectly, all the way down to the catches and tilt-out hardware. All we had needed to do was pop the clear panel off the new window and replace it in the old frame. Oh the irony.

Posted 09. November 2023 by admin
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