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I recently needed to free up some diskspace on my webhost, which sounds simple enough, unless you’re like me and your filesystem looks like a hoarder’s reality show. After unsuccessfully poking around for navigation tools that display directory size and allow sorting by size so I could quickly identify the heaviest culprits, I wrote this utility. See de-fanged demo below.

Feel free to let me know of bugs you find, developed on firefox 17.0.1 and so far tests ok on chrome 24.0.1312.52, safari 6.0, IE 8.

Click on the “+” to expand a directory within this view. Click on the directory name to jump to viewing contents of only that directory. Click on “Size” to sort the list by file size, Click on “Name” to sort by name.

Session login default is user ‘me’ password ‘mypass123’ (See ‘Settings’ line 37 to change… it is highly recommended that you change these), authentication times out after 30 minutes.

1. change settings to a unique username and pass
2. upload i_need_space.php to your host (yup, just one file).
3. navigate to it via browser
4. when finished with your cleanup, delete i_need_space.php from your host, you don’t want someone stumbling on it and wreaking havoc.

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