SPARK Mobile App Contest

Q1 2016 – Q4 2018

Responsibilities: HTML CSS/SASS JS/jQuery PHP/MySQL AWS

Traditional wordpress site, I built a custom theme based off llorix. SPARK for Autism needed an accompanying website for the duration of the contest to handle contest registration, announcements, and community app voting. I worked on this during my time as an internal dev at the Simons Foundation.

Notable tasks: I opted for a kanban approach to development given that feature development needed to occur around events and announcements that comprised the contest. For registration I connected a CF7 form template to a Googlesheet, such that as users registered, their data would be entered into the spreadsheet, which was shared with stakeholders so they would always be up-to-date without me spending time on plebian tasks like pulling reports. Students were asked to register themselves and their teammates by entering their emails and setting a team password. Teammates would receive an invite email, as all participants had to register in order to be eligible for prize money. To set up voting I started with a general star-voting plugin, added some authentication which hit the SPARK api to determine voting status and access privileges, and modified the JS and PHP according to aesthetic/functional specifications.

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